baby cot bed with drop side Baby cot bed with drop side

It easily converts into a junior bed, sofa and day bed all in one. Its been designed with Drawer space at the bottom, single handed drop mechanism and its also meets all EU and British safety standards.

It has pretty much anything a parent could ask for in a baby cot bed. How much space does it take up? This elegant cot bed is designed with solid pinewood and weighs a good 33 kgs.

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  • Its cm in length, 66 cms in breadth and cm in height, so this cot bed does take up a little bit of room. But if you consider the extra drawer space you get, I think its fair for the weight it comes in.

    baby cot bed with drop side Baby cot bed with drop side

    What features does it come with? This is mostly a common feature in most cot beds and is quite important as you need to adjust it as you baby grows older. It helps them from being able to climb out of the cot. As the baby grows old the cot can be turned into a junior bed so it is something that can be used from birth till the child reaches around 4 years approximately Single handed drop side mechanism Its quite possible when there would be times when we have the baby in our arms fast asleep, and we need to lower them in the bed.

    This little feature comes quite handy at those times. This drop mechanism just makes it more convenient to put the baby down without having to bend over a lot.

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  • Full-width drawer Reviewers love this one little added feature. Its really handy being able to keep some of your babies clothes, nappies or bedding just there, right where you would need it. This cot bed is quite solid and sturdy. It meets all British and EU safety standards.

    So all in all, your baby is going to be quite safe in here. Require UK standard cot bed mattress size — x 70 cm.

    The mattress is dent resistant, hypo-allergenic, water resistant, wipe clean surface, fully breathable and cover washable at 60 degree. It also comes with Protective Teething rail on top of both sides.

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  • So all in all, your baby is going to be quite safe in here. Definitely, not by yourself. Once we place it, its fixed.

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    Is it a great buy? Solid pinewood, full width drawer space, 3 in 1 junior cot bed and can be used up to 4 years. I think it really says it all.

    It would be inappropriate to make any further comment at this time for legal reasons. How much space does it take up?



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