baby in cot Baby in cot

A breech baby born by caesarean, Tilly had progressed along beautifully and was now pulling to stand. Tilly has a strong personality and is not a baby who likes being shown what to do!

Just like many of the babies I see for help with sleep. Sleep training and stuck in sitting The sleep training was progressing very well … until the final bit. Sitting down in the cot from standing, she tried … and tried … and tried to get herself comfy and move onto her front.

baby in cot Baby in cot

She repeatedly woke herself up and was getting very cross. I suggested to her mum to gently move her legs out from under her. Tilly was not very impressed with our attempts to help her. No, she wanted to do it all by herself! Does this sound familiar?

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  • And she sat and sat and was sitting all day long. Except for being in the sling for her day naps but again she was sitting. So her parents had no idea about this developmental problem that Tilly had developed.

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    So what you need to do is avoid putting them into sitting when you do floor time. Remember that not everything we like is good for us.

    baby in cot Baby in cot

    So many babies are getting stuck in a sitting position in the middle of the night. It is a very normal developmental issue and will go away by itself. The danger is when you intervene and start trying to manage it you will cause a new sleep association.

    When the cot mattress is at its lowest height and the top rail is below your child's chest, it's time to move him to a bed. The baby has his or her own area in which to sleep but there are no rails on the side next to you. Temperature of room and appropriate layers?

    Recommending laying them down in the cot 40 times if you need to. The issue is if we always correct them ourselves by laying them down no 1 we have a very angry baby by the 40th occasion of laying down and no 2 we are creating learned helplessness so our baby never learns to do it themselves. Most of these babies do not have great core muscles so they sit to reach objects and end up bottom shuffling. Baby needs to spend a week practicing this skill prior to learning how to get himself off to sleep in the prone position without help.

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  • The baby will hate it at first because the unstable feeling may frighten him but the toy will hopefully distract him like a kitten! Have a look at this YouTube video this has some great exercises on how to teach baby to navigate moving from sitting to prone and avoid getting stuck.

    The charity recommends putting babies sleeping in light bedding in rooms of between 16C 61F and 20C 68F — significantly cooler than the thermostat setting in many homes. Move low furniture away from windows and use security locks to keep your windows safe from opening wide. Sitting down in the cot from standing, she tried … and tried … and tried to get herself comfy and move onto her front.

    Watch more videos below in my Youtube series — Promoting Baby development skills What can I help you with today? What can I help you with today? Download my top 7 tips to calm your baby Your Name.



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