large baby cot Large baby cot
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Do you need a bedside crib? However, a smaller sleeping place is cosier and your baby is more likely to settle well in this more secure environment.

Getty "The current thinking on dummies is that they are a good thing in the first six months of life. Our Mattress size reference library may be of help.

Will you want to use the bedside crib on its own too? Some cribs are designed to be used as a standalone crib as well as a bedside crib. Some require a fair bit of re-assembly to use as a standalone crib and are less than portable. Or look for one with a detachable sleeping area which can easily be lifted into another room. Is the bedside crib mattress a standard size and shape? Check, too, whether the mattress is included or has to be bought separately at extra expense.

Wood may not be as cosy as a fabric sleeper, but it is a doddle to wipe down the wooden options, whereas the material cots can be tricky to get milk stains and other grubby marks out of. We offer 30 days money back guarantee return policy.

The best bedside cribs for co-sleeping: The removable side allows your newborn to sleep next to you, without being in the same bed. Our mums loved how lightweight the crib was and how easy it was to attach to the bed — perfect for night feeds.

Read more reviews of the Chicco Next2Me crib here.

large baby cot Large baby cot

With a mesh wall for easy access adjustable height settings, this is suitable from birth to six months. Our mums loved how close they could be to their baby, but were worried about the size of the crib, and felt their baby would definitely have outgrown it before reaching six months. Mums love how easy the crib is to fold and how large the crib is compared to other co-sleeping cribs on the market. Our mums loved the fact this could be converted into a useful piece of furniture once it was outgrown, and felt the crib was sturdy and well built.

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  • Read more reviews of the Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Bedside Crib here. Unlike other bassinets on the market, the degree rotation allows for you to get in and out of bed hassle free.

    large baby cot Large baby cot

    Our mums loved how close this crib allowed them to get to their baby, as well as being easy to silently and smoothly manoeuvre. Read more real mum reviews of the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper here. With removable wheels, the crib can easily be moved round the bedroom, or between rooms.

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