where to buy baby cot Where to buy baby cot
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Tips to buy best baby cots 24 August, If you are going to be a mum soon then you definitely need a baby cot. The best baby cots are safe, easy to assemble and durable.

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  • You can also buy baby sleeping cots which have the same features like baby cots. These are also user friendly and easy to use and put together. Guideline to buy baby cot Here we are giving you some useful tips or a guideline to buy the perfect baby cot for your baby.

    These tips can be helpful but you should confirm the comfort and security with these baby cots. If you want to purchase a new baby cot it should conform to BSEN This is a benchmark as all new baby cots on sale in UK have to meet this standard. This standard assures you that the baby cot is deep enough to be safe for your baby.

    The bars maintain the accurate distance and that the baby cot does not have cut-outs or steps.

    where to buy baby cot Where to buy baby cot

    Ensure that the distance between each bar is no less than 2. Need to check while buying a baby cot Baby cots have a wide range from simple one to luxury one. They also have so many features but you should check right at the starting of your search for the best baby cot for your little baby. All mechanism of the baby cot should be enduringly fixed or need the use of a tool or take apart. There should not be any to chance to get footholds in the baby cot that your baby could use as a bulge for climbing out.

    Easy to utilize This is essential — any small irritation can be exaggerated into a major headache for sleep-deprived parent. The side of the cot which moves up and down means the drop side need to be secure and smooth to function and of course it should not be too heavy to take.

    You have to bend to keep your baby on the baby cot so the drop side should be low enough to do the task comfortably. Else your back may suffer because you have to do this for a long period of time. You should fix your cot like that way that it should be difficult for a child to open but easy for an adult to function.

    Ensure that the side is at least 5 cm off the floor when lowered or feet will bang against the side or be trampled when it comes down.

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  • Teething strips You may find plastic strips on the wooden edges of the cot like the top of drop side, so that neither the baby nor the cot get spoiled if its chewed on as there is possibility to be chewed by your baby. Castors Wheels help the baby cot easier to move around so it will be carried away from one room to another room.

    But there should be lockable brakes on at least two wheels for safety and to make the baby cot more useful. Some lowdown you should know Aside these you should not do some things which you have to maintain properly to last the baby cot for a long time.

    It is the second most secure thing after your lap so try to keep it properly.

    It can be used around the house — put baby in it while lounging on the sofa or keep it in a cot or travel cot. This standard assures you that the baby cot is deep enough to be safe for your baby.

    Never accept a cot if not it comes with the original instructions or you can acquire a copy of the instructions from the manufacturer, they can help you with advices. Always use a new heirloom to meet the current safety standards.

    Avoid sticking decorative transfers, stickers and labels inside the cot or anywhere else your baby can reach.

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  • You can find a large number of baby cots in baby stores but you have to search a lot to get the apt one. Else you can also go for some online shopping. Final thoughts Hope this post will be helpful and these tips will help you to buy the best baby cot for your little one. Feel free to tell us if you have some other suggestion or important information.

    where to buy baby cot Where to buy baby cot

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