cot bed mattress size guide Cot bed mattress size guide

Read our handy guide below and determine which type of mattress suits your personal needs. The first bed is too hard, the second it too soft, but the third is just right. Well, buying a new mattress can be your very own fable. So, whether you choose pocket springs or memory foam, quilted or tufted, we have the perfect made-to-order mattresses online for you.

The Happy Beds Mattress Size Guide To determine the right size of mattress for you, you can make use of this simple guide: For young children who have just made the move from cot to a big-kid bed, a small single may be more appropriate, whereas teens or adults may prefer a small double they can stretch out in.

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If you like to cosy up at night, then opt for a double. For a little more personal space, a king size is great. And if you frequently end up with your little munchkins in bed with you, a super king will give you all the space you could ever need. Most of our smaller mattresses will fit a bunk bed, but when it comes to top bunks, thinner mattresses are required. They should be no more than 17 cm in thickness.

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  • This is needed for safety. Open Coil Springs Bonnell Springs This is the most common type of mattress, packed with wired coil springs that move together when you lie on them.

    cot bed mattress size guide Cot bed mattress size guide

    Pocket Springs Pocket sprung mattresses are more comfortable than open spring mattresses. The pockets are nested together, but each spring works independently for better support, so the more pocket springs are placed, the more support and comfort is provided.

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  • Plus, pocket spring mattresses are great for two people of different weights or firmness preferences. Astronauts experience tremendous amounts of pressure during lift off and the memory foam adjusts to the shape of their bodies.

    This same feature can provide extreme comfort at home, allowing you to sink into the mattress at the end of a long hard day. Memory foam is made of tiny viscoelastic cells that are bonded together.

    These cells react to temperature and weight to take pressure off your joints and provide ultimate comfort, whatever base the mattress lies on. Meanwhile, latex foam is known to aid in relieving pressure on all your joints after a tiring day. Mattress Finish Options Quilted A quilted finish mattress is known to be smoother compared to other finishes. The quilting is placed on the surface and attached to the underlying filling for comfort.

    We also supply an additional external cover to assist when changing the mattress. Your options are on what you choose for the base and cover materials, this will affect the degree of breathability, support, waterproof protection, and keeping it clean.

    Tufted This finish is ideal if you want to prevent loose fillings from being removed or dislodged during usage. Frequently used with pocket sprung mattresses, tapes are placed all around the mattress at regular intervals to make it much more secure.

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  • This is known as tufting and will result in a firmer feel. Divan Bases Made of two connecting pieces, the divan base is ideal for all types of mattresses, whether deep or not. Usually there are no springs in the base, so the support it provides is quite sturdy. Bed Frames Choosing the correct mattress for a bed frame can be slightly trickier than for a divan base.

    The mattress may sit on top of or into a frame. In the latter case, it is important that the correct measurements are taken from inside the frame where the mattress will sit. Also, please ensure the headboard has enough height, and does not get hidden if the mattress bought is too deep. Pillow Top This feature provides you with an extra layer of soft and comfortable material on top of the mattress.

    Just like a pillow does but for the entire surface.

    cot bed mattress size guide Cot bed mattress size guide

    This kind of mattress does not require to be flipped over for longevity, instead, it just needs to be rotated from end to end so that the foot end becomes the head end and vice versa. Orthopaedic For firm and all-round support, an orthopaedic mattress is ideal.

    It gives a solid, yet comfortable, feeling which is good for your back and your other joints.



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