mamas and papas rialto cot bed size Mamas and papas rialto cot bed size

It will also discuss the appointments that we have had, both necessary and unnecessary. Firstly did we want to find out the gender of the baby? This was a definite no! As we wanted that surprise on the day I give birth, of what are we actually having, added to this, you can find a lot of gender neutral items for the nursery and clothes, which still look really good.

So why ruin the surprise, its like partially unwrapping your presents a month before christmas! Again a definite no! My partner has worked for years within the area of special needs. Children can live after being born at 20 weeks my partner having worked with many , so how can a termination at this point not be anything other than murder?

mamas and papas rialto cot bed size Mamas and papas rialto cot bed size

So really this was never a question, as the answer was always going to be the same. This really aggravated us, as surely it is our choice whether on not we have the test, and should not be judged on it, if its different to her view. These were 2 items, which arise during your antenatal appointments, be it scans or midwife appointments.

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  • As it happens we have gone to more appointments than we need to, mainly because of us being nervous and unexperienced first time parents. At this appointment we were told that there was no need to book a doctors appointment, as the pregnancy tests you use at home are as accurate as the ones which the doctors use, so we could have just booked a midwife appointment.

    This we did, unfortunately the midwifes only work on specific days at our local GP practice, meaning that my other half had to get time off, within a week of starting a new job, luckily his boss was very understanding.

    I have been given a cot, a Mamas and Papas what looks like a Sherwood, but I cannot figure out how to put it together as there are no instructions wi. Jenny Hello, Thank you for your question. Read More The following recalls have been sent out to shoppers in the past week:

    We attended this appointment, with what I must say was a very miserable midwife, her attitude was not as friendly and calming as we would have liked, especially as we had made it abundantly clear that we were anxious first time parents. Saying this a friend, who I currently nanny for, says she had problems with the same midwife.

    This said, she did complete all the relevant blood tests and measurements, which all came back clear, I was particularly happy that my blood pressure and heart rate were really healthy. I was dated as being due on the 13th June This was a day that was so exciting and nerve racking all at the same time, as what would we do if there was no baby?

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  • Or if it was in the wrong place? Luckily all was fine, and we got the most amazing scan picture, this was probably because we were so far gone, meaning baby was larger than it would have been at 8 weeks. The only update was that we were actually due on the 11th June , which was good, as the 13th was a Friday, not that we are superstisious or anything!

    Next we had a trip to the doctors shortly before our 2nd midwife appointment.

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  • The doctor felt my belly and tried to find the heart beat, which he found, and it was one of the most amazing experiences to hear your babies heart beat for the first time. Our 2nd midwife appointment with a different midwife , on Christmas Eve was to tell us the results of the blood test, were all clear, although I am Blood type O Negative, which means that I need to have an injection at 28 weeks and after birth, to prevent me producing antibodies, in case lotus is not the same blood group, which occurs if babies blood mixes with my own.

    This can cause problems for baby if this does occur, and can increase the risk of problems, should we get pregnant again. Next is the Anomaly scan, used to identify any problems with the way that baby is growing, which may make it unable to survive once born, which normally occurs at 20 weeks, with ours being on the 24th January After that is 25 week Midwife appointment, where scan result is reviewed, and full antenatal examination is completed.

    At 28 weeks we have the same again, but this time having the Anti-D injection because of my blood type.

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    Then at 31, 34, 36 and 38 weeks I have a full antenatal assessment, then at 40 weeks, all things permitting little lotus should enter the world as our little son or daughter. Thank you for reading, I know some views will not be shared by others, and comments would be gratefully received.



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