small cots for sale Small cots for sale
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  • Advice 0 The following started off as a thread on our forums, but was so packed full of useful info that we decided to cherish it forever. Read on to find out from those at the coalface of motherhood!. Thanks for all your help in compiling this list — if you have any to add please fill in the bit at the bottom. The children really love them and they soothe them to sleep….

    Clothes that seemed small until they were born, which they actually wore for ages as they grew into them as they were so tiny. Bouncy chairs, and baby gyms.

    If you're buying new cots they should follow British Standard safety guidelines. This is why we make sure that our cots are made of sturdy materials and have a soft mattress that fits snugly. If there are any stickers or transfers on the inside of the cot, remove them, as they may peel off and present a choking hazard.

    Also great to feed them in when out and about. Second best was the Avent Milk Powder Dispenser.

    The best convertible crib-to-cot Image 3 of 7 This clever new portable crib-to-cot from Italian brand Chicco serves as a raised crib for the first six months, then unzips concertina-fashion to full length and becomes a cot for the next year. Cot safety guidelines When buying a cot, you need to look out for the British safety standards code:

    I used to take two sterile bottles of hot water out with me then when I wanted to feed them I would tip the pre-measured milk powder into the bottle, shake, and it was usually about the right temperature, having cooled down since I left home. The dispenser has three separate compartments, so is suitable for up to 3 bottles. I bought mine from Boots.

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  • They slept in them during the day, and when they were older I fed them in them as well. Another best buy were the activity gyms — they played with those right up to being 8 months! Like a picnic bench, they sit at it for everything — painting sessions, mealtimes, you name it. Especially good for wriggly babies who kick off normal covers.

    Also first place was my Easylife Sport Pushchair — my godsend!

    small cots for sale Small cots for sale

    Suitable from newborn, sooo easy to push and comfy over any terrain. Comes with every extra you could think of and was really good value for money.

    I could boil it up and leave it until I was ready to use it without worrying if anyone wanted a cup of tea. Good support for backs.

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    Use in car seats as extra padding when they are tiny. Also fit neatly into the seats of Tesco double trolleys, giving them extra head support. Easily washable after sicky accidents, burping towel etc.

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  • Inpromptu bib, which large enough to cover child of 3 years, soft make shift nappy if baby has sore bottom. They wash on really hot wash and come up like new.

    They are truly excellent value for money. The tray at the front was not big enough for even the smallest childs plate. They attached to normal chairs but did not seem stable to me and so they were unusable. It now houses their clothes so not a complete waste of money.

    small cots for sale Small cots for sale

    My one was cheap and nasty, subsequently fell apart at 7 months old — a month after warranty finished!! To begin with they bathed with either myself or DH, later we got a hammock type thing that sits in the normal bath and supports them. Might turn it into a sand pit in a few months though!! They hated them and going anywhere with two was a nightmare so rarely done!! I gave my narrow neck ones away after a month.



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