best cot bed for dogs Best cot bed for dogs

Zippers, though strong, may attract more aggressive chewers Only one size and color How to Choose the Right Bed for your Dog Unchewable dog beds come in a variety of sizes and designs and are made from different materials. This means there will be one to suit your furry friend, but it can also be confusing when it comes to narrowing down your choices. Resistance to chewing You will need to consider just how tough you want it to be. Do you need one that is resistant to a light chewer or one that is ultra resilient and for the more stubborn pets?

You will need to decide the type of outer material based on how aggressive your pet is. If your dog is a light to moderate chewer, heavy-duty nylon or canvas should suffice. If she is a particularly avid chewer, tougher materials may be in order, such as PVC and solid vinyl. Other benefits of these materials are that they are easy to clean in case of any accidents, and they are also waterproof.

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  • Weak spots For stubborn pets, you will also want to look out for weak spots that could tempt her to sink in her teeth or dig in a claw. Zippers These are often included on dog beds to make the outer cover removable, but for curious noses, they could be the start of mega destruction. Industrial strength Velcro that is hidden away from prying noses on the bottom of the bed. Rounded corners and streamlined shapes are a better choice.

    Seams Weak or visible seams are a no go. Remember, those teeth have been known to break metal — she will have no trouble breaking through stitches! Well-sewn, durable seams that are hidden from prying eyes! For ultra durable seams, some beds are sewn with Kevlar. Comfort and support If a bed is tough it does not necessarily have to be uncomfortable.

    There are quite a few options out there offering durability as well as comfort. The interior fill will determine the comfort and, according to Drs Foster and Smith , also the support and longevity.

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  • If your loyal companion is wee i. For example, a dense memory foam interior might be difficult for these dogs to get comfortable on. Instead, look for products that are poly-filled. Larger breeds will need something stronger. This means a sturdy surface that can hold their weight without sagging. Since large breeds are often prone joint problems , orthopedic beds made with comfortable yet supportive memory foam are a good choice for them. Some products may just have one layer, while others can have up to 3.

    Sleeping style Just like humans, they have their preferred sleeping positions. Here are a few tips: Spread it all out If she likes to sprawl and stretch out as much as possible, from snout to tail, a mattress-style bed will provide her with adequate support.

    Tucked into a ball Dogs who curl themselves into a ball shape fox style usually do well with a soft, well-cushioned sleeping surface and high walls. They are designed to alleviate pressure points and come in a variety of styles. So, you know the main advantage is the satisfaction it will bring you to see her come up against something and lose, for once.

    The gel cushioning is extra thick making it impossible for the bed to run out of coolness and give a soft padding to the body. The bed provides for the private space for the dogs to lounge and sleep making it easier for them to get the right rest and unleash.

    Easy to clean They are usually easy to clean, as they are often made from fabrics that can be wiped down easily. So, in case of accidents, dirty paws, or spills, you can clean it up in no time. Many also come with a removable cover that can be machine-washed. Good for pups Chewing is a natural instinct, especially for puppies, who are teething and exploring the world with their mouth. By giving your pup something to chew, you can keep her habits away from her sleep surface and direct them to appropriate toys instead.

    Good for large breeds Some of these beds are designed specifically to withstand heavier pooches. These are usually more supportive than a regular pet mattresses, plus they are less likely to flatten or sag. This makes them longer-lasting, so your big hound can stay comfortable for years to come.

    For use outside and inside Some products are made from waterproof materials can be used indoors as well as outdoors. So, whether you want your dog to join you in the garden or if she just enjoys reclining in the sun, it can do so in comfort.

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    Conclusion Indestructible dog crate beds can be a real lifesaver for those determined chewers or diggers as well as for those with larger breeds who need a sturdier sleep surface. Intended for light to moderate chewers, it has a ballistic nylon cover that is zipper-free and can be easily wiped down.

    best cot bed for dogs Best cot bed for dogs

    It also features a highly comfortable and supportive memory foam interior mattress, which is great for joint support.



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