best cot bed Best cot bed

The mattress in their cot needs to be comfortable, supportive and, above all, safe. But what features should you look for and what should you avoid? Every potential product purchase filled me with anxiety. I took my best guess and bought a mattress I thought would work. Later on, as life settled down, I decided to revisit my struggle to find the best cot bed mattress reviews.

Certainly, other people had the same questions I did. So I decided to do my own research and document it. This is the only way to ensure proper hygiene.

If not cleaned correctly, bacteria can thrive.

best cot bed Best cot bed

Should You Care About Warranties? A warranty can be great if your toddler mattress arrives defective or develops an obvious problem right away. As long as you keep the mattress clean, a well-built one will typically last for many years without issue.

Both have a lot of benefits and neither is particularly better than the other. Still, each type has a few unique features. Spring Mattresses When shopping for a spring mattress you want to consider the number of layers, what each layer is made of and the type of covering is used.

Generally, more layers equals better quality. You want the springs to be made with high-gauge steel. This results in more cushioning and better overall support.

As the number and quality of springs increases, so does the weight. However, baby mattresses rarely become heavy enough to be an issue. When selecting a spring mattress, pay attention to border rods. They provide firmness, durable and side support. Border rods are a necessity in a spring mattress.

Without border rods, your child can lose their balance and potentially become injured. Check for coil count. This is the number of springs inside the mattress. A high coil count is often a big part of marketing efforts. A better way to evaluate is to look at the quality of each coil. You want coils which have a high percentage of steel in each spring unit. Steel thickness ranges from 19 to Lower gauge is thicker. Generally, you want to aim for a coil count between and with a gauge or Be wary of extremely high coil counts, especially counts over The gauge strength will typically be very low.

This is a thick pad on top of the springs which prevents any accidental injury.

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  • Even cheap mattress pads will likely feel comfortable right away. What you want is a durable pad which will provide protection over a long period of time. Lower quality pads are made from polyester or cloth. This is the layer above the coils and below the pad. Avoid polyester cushioning, which has a tendency to form pockets. Pockets are areas where the coils poke through the material. The best cushioning layers are made from a blend of foam, cotton and polyester. A high-quality product will list the components of the mattress pad and cushioning layer right up front.

    Foam Mattresses Aside from springs, the other option is foam. Most foam mattresses are made from polyurethane, but some have proprietary foam construction made from unique materials. Foam is lightweight, waterproof and conforms well to the shape of anybody, even tiny ones.

    When shopping for a foam mattress, you want to test the firmness. Foam will typically soften up over time. You want almost instant snapback. Density is another important factor. Density can be determined by placing your hands on each side of the mattress and pressing towards the center. These are usually made of either vinyl or fabric.

    Fabric breathes better, which makes the mattress cooler. Fabric covers are usually the best option if you live in an especially warm location. On the other hand, vinyl is more durable. Multilayered vinyl is puncture and tear resistant. Plus, vinyl is often easier to clean. You simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you want the most durable cover possible, look for three-ply vinyl. This triple lamination creates a tough outer shell which is very resistant to damage over the long term.

    A three-ply vinyl cover will typically last the longest out of any type of cover material. Stay away from antimicrobial covers. The best way to prevent bacteria from forming on the mattress cover is to simply wipe it regularly with soap and water. If you want to store your mattress for an extended period of time, follow these steps. Clean the cover with soap and water. Let it dry thoroughly this is super important. Place the mattress in a special storage bag. Make sure the bag is clear because light helps prevent bacteria growth.

    Then store the bagged mattress in a dry, well-ventilated space. Avoid storing in a basement or attic. What About The Smell? In some cases, the smell can seem overpowering. This keeps it sterile, dry and clean. But the chemicals used to process the fabric and vinyl remains.

    When you open the package, the smells from the factory are, well, unleashed. This chemical smell can be very unnatural and even downright unpleasant. But the solution is simple. You just need to give the mattress a day or two to air out. Place it in a well-ventilated area and let it sit. In most cases the smell will disappear in no more than 48 hours. Think of it like this: The goal of my guide is to prevent that from happening to you.

    It uses a sturdy, hard-wearing timber for the frame and comes with protective teething rails. Preparing for a new born can end up being fairly costly once you account for all the items you need to purchase, and it is completely normal for you to look for ways to save money that can be spent on other things. Check out the cots, cribs and Moses baskets that made it to the top five for

    While I go into additional detail below, most people will likely be satisfied with any of the following five options: The quilted cover is machine washable for quick, easy care. This is a combo mattress consisting of steel springs encased in foam.

    Easy to clean and designed to last through several growth stages. Every aspect of the product is completely hypoallergenic. Babies with asthma, eczema and other allergies will be completely protected. This is a solid choice if you want an easy-to-clean, safe toddler mattress for cot beds designed to last for years.

    The dimensions are x 70 x 10 cm. Can make a rather loud crinkly noise when slept on Cover sheet may or may not be included 2. Safety is the main priority here. Mattresses are manufactured without the use of antimony, phosphorus or arsenic-based fire retardants.

    The mattresses are still fire resistant, just not due to any dangerous chemicals. This a spring mattress which provides plenty of spine support and comfort.

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  • The quilted cover is easily removed and machine washable. You get the solid support of springs with the flexibility of foam. Dimensions are x 70 x 10 cm.

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    Combines benefits of spring and foam Fire resistant without the use of harsh chemicals Spine support for Feet to Foot position Quilted cover is easy to remove and clean Cons:



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