cot bed littlewoods Cot bed littlewoods

Sienna, Rialto, Alten and the Riverside cot, which was exclusive to Argos.

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  • If you're unsure of which cot you have, please reference the images above. You can also check the label which is affixed to one of the slats on the mattress base, please see an example of this below.

    Are these cots safe to use? Yes they are perfectly safe to use when assembled correctly. Yes, please view the video tutorial, assembly check video and product instructions in the links above.

    sleigh cot bed used

    Alternatively, a member of our customer care team will be able to assist you with this. They can be contacted on UK or Ireland How do I contact your customer care team? Please call us on our dedicated toll-free numbers below: What should I do?

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  • Please do not use your cot in cot mode. Contact our customer care team on UK: Please identify your original fixing that you are missing using your instructions.

    From the feedback received, the self-assembly slatted side of the product in cot mode appear to be the most difficult part to assemble.

    cot bed littlewoods Cot bed littlewoods

    As such, when products are assembled as cot beds, the slatted sides of the cot are not required and therefore are no longer part of the assembly process. To help identify the main area for concern, we have also created an assembly check video, which identifies the main part to check on the cot.

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  • If all fixings are fitted and the top rail is secure, this is fine to use What do I do if I pass on my cot? We ask that if you pass on your cot to someone else, to please share the product advisory notice with the new product owner.

    If the new product owner has concerns, they can contact our customer care team on UK: In the event of an accident the car seat shell may crack and therefore not provide the intended level of protection to the user.

    All are Group car seats. You can identify the seat by comparing the orange label on the back with the one shown above. The approval code should match and is 04 If you have purchased the above seat, you should immediately stop using the product and contact our Customer Services team on UK: For your convenience a designated courier service will collect the car seat.

    You will be issued with a refund. Compare it with the photos shown here. Find the approval number on the orange label on the back of your seat and check that the number is the same as those listed.

    The approval number of affected products is 04 In addition to the above, the below car seats were sold exclusively to Argos. Compare it with the photos below.

    Graco Travel Lite x 73 cm Hauck Babycenter x 71 cm. As well as a free trial period, your mattress also comes with free delivery and returns too, so you can buy with confidence and without breaking the bank.

    Find the approval number on the orange label on the back of your seat. Check if it's the same as those listed.

    cot bed littlewoods Cot bed littlewoods

    For your convenience, a designated courier will collect the car seat and you will be issued with a refund.



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