double cot bed width Double cot bed width

If buying the bed and mattress separately then check carefully their sizes to ensure they fit together. This may count especially to some leading European, in particular Swedish, manufacturers whose beds may taint the British market.

This section will try and distinguish these definitions, although further research is recommended from furniture stores or the relevant seller if needed. Firstly, some people simply classify king and queen beds as the same thing.

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  • Sometimes a queen is misinterpreted to be a super king bed. More often it is thought to be at least bigger than a standard double. Different definitions from abroad also sometimes leak their way into public consciousness, especially when potential buyers look to the internet to do research. For example, a king size bed from the UK is around the same size as the American queen; this may be where some of the confusion arises.

    The table above highlights the fact that in the UK, the queen bed is in fact around a fifth smaller in length and a twentieth smaller in length. In essence, the only problem with buying either a king or queen bed will come in relation to the area it will be positioned in the bedroom and also the compatibility with it and the mattress.

    If enough research is done on the matter and the appropriate questions asked, then these issues should be resolved in due course. General Tips for Buying a Bed This section will look at some of the aspects of making a bed purchase, be it a king or queen model, and give some tips to help prevent a potentially inadequate acquisition. Why the bed is needed should be the most crucial consideration.

    How many people will be sleeping in it for example; most couples in the UK traditionally go for the double bed. However, those who want the extra space will perhaps branch out for the king size.

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    The size dimensions of the room must be thought over, especially the area where the bed will be positioned. Think about where it will go in relation to other furniture and also the access points to it. Measure out the dimensions with a tape measure and evaluate the bed size options available to see which is the most appropriate. The existing style of the room can also dictate which type of bed to go for. In the case of king size beds, they are likely to be the main feature of the room so choosing it carefully can really enhance its whole feel.

    The many different styles and materials they can be made of can also be considered, including wood , fabric, metal, suede and leather. If concerned about buying the correct mattress size for the actual bed frame then a good tip is to buy from the same company or from the same outlet, be it online or in store. A sturdy frame with the most comfortable mattress possible should be found to the higher end of your budget to ensure a good quality product is found.

    double cot bed width Double cot bed width

    King beds will generally be more expensive than queen models due to their increased size. Queen beds can be found for lesser amounts but this can depend on their class and design.

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  • Think about where to buy from also. It is advantageous to shop in store to get a proper feel of the bed, its size dimensions and its aesthetic qualities. This may only offer a limited amount of choice however and also mean that potential deals found only online will be missed.

    double cot bed width Double cot bed width

    A good tip is to shop around the high street, pick and choose the desired model and then browse online to see if it can be found for less. To search on eBay, type the desired phrase into the search bar at the top of the home page.

    There are plenty of beds up for sale on eBay and although this provides plenty of options, choosing between them can be tricky. Use the menu of the left hand side of the results page and preference further which beds appear.

    Sometimes a queen is misinterpreted to be a super king bed. Queen beds can be found for lesser amounts but this can depend on their class and design.

    Think in terms of the desired bed style and material used to construct it, along with its condition and price range. Bringing up the Buy It Now beds which cost the least for example is a useful tool to use if after a quick and inexpensive purchase. This especially applies if the item is from outside the UK. Although there are many brand new beds available on eBay, many also will be listed by independent sellers as used items. Make sure to read the description of the item as closely as possible to avoid any future discrepancies.

    Also review the payments and postage details, especially for information on delivery. Check out the Seller. To become more confident with the transaction, look at the history of the eBay member who has listed the item. Conclusion The main difference between a king and queen size bed is the size dimensions and although there is some confusion about their definition, the queen bed is much smaller than a king size bed.

    The uncertainty arises as some manufacturers from various countries advertise their beds in different ways. In this sense, try and be extra careful when coming to make a purchase. Taking actual measurements can assist with this. In essence however, a queen bed is suitable for a single person who likes that extra bit of room, whilst the king model is more appropriate for couples.



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