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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message This is a list of train stations and Thruway Motorcoach stops used by Amtrak the National Railroad Passenger Corporation in the United States.

This list is in alphabetical order by station or stop name, which mostly corresponds to the city in which it is located.

If an English Wikipedia page exists for the actual station or stop, a link is included.

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Some Thruway Motorcoach stops include train stations that are not served by Amtrak trains and occasionally any trains at all. All current and most former Amtrak train stops stations and Thruway Motorcoach stops have a three-letter station code sometimes also referred to as a city code.

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These codes do not necessarily correspond with the list of IATA-indexed train stations or the three-character IATA airport codes , although many are the same. Amtrak began using station codes in , [1] [2] so stations closed or removed from all Amtrak service prior to will not have had a station code assigned.

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  • The station code "ENP" is used for "any stop en route, not otherwise specified". However, if a station code was used for a Thruway Motorcoach stop that has changed locations, only information for the current location or most recent location, if the stop is no longer in service is included in the notes, unless one of the locations was an actual train station. Ridership data and station ownership is from Amtrak's Great American Stations website.

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    In some instances, the owner of the bus station used for a Thruway Motorcoach stop is not the same as the connection service provider. While many stations do not offer full services ticketing, baggage, etc. Some stations and Thruway Motorcoach stops, as indicated, are conditional or flag stops , with trains only stopping at the station if reservations for a pickup or drop off are made in advance.

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  • Some stations, also as indicated, are seasonal with trains or buses stopping only during certain times of the year. Although Amtrak operations are almost exclusively limited to the United States, there are three exceptions all of which are in Canada. The first exception includes the six northwesternmost stations in Ontario served by the Maple Leaf.

    The second exception includes the two northernmost stations in Quebec served by the Adirondack and the northernmost station in British Columbia served by the Amtrak Cascades. Both the Adirondack and the Amtrak Cascades are exclusively Amtrak operations.

    east coast cot bed austin East coast cot bed austin

    Each of the aforementioned train stations are identified as a Canadian railway station. Among the Amtrak stations are several "tour only" stations which require special reservations with Amtrak for a group usually twenty or more persons for the train to stop at that station such stations include Allensworth State Park , Greenfield Village , and Marceline stations.



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