gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

Baby and Toddler Roundup September Reviewed by Sian Manning I have had the absolute pleasure of receiving a range of ingenious and delightful products aimed at making life with babies and toddlers just that little bit easier and more fun this month, with the help of my boys we have enjoyed putting them all to the test. Lots of cuddles and carries, food, feeds, bubble baths and sleepy time snuggles.

A fabulous range of products. It comes packaged really well and in the Gro branding that you would expect, inside you will find the instructions, the clock, the power lead and a little story book. Including the option to set two different wake up times for either naps or weekends, adjustable screen brightness, an audible alarm and the option to lock the buttons from small fingers. So we set up the clock, Thomas was excited, we sat down and we read the story — which he enjoyed very much, I showed him what would happen, then explained that the stars meant it was sleepy time and the sun meant that it was morning and he could wake up.

Available to buy from Gro here. This amazing fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow case combination aims to bridge the gap between cot and single bed or the transition from Grobag to bedding. The bedding set that we have is the Jolly Jungle design which is lovely and bright in lime green with lots of friendly jungle animals and is perfect for a little boy or girl. When you take this out of the small perfectly fitting, as always beautifully designed, Gro branded box you notice immediately the brilliant quality.

The fitted sheet has nice strong elastic around the edges to fit well on the mattress, it also has a long piece of elastic running across from one side of the top third of the sheet to the other to make sure the fit is perfect. The material used is wonderfully soft, thick and feels lovely and sturdy, the colours are bright, fun and vibrant. The fitted sheet has a zip on either side, that runs down the middle third of the bed, it holds the duvet cover to the sheet and helps to stop a wriggly monkey kicking off the covers and also helps to stop a bump onto the floor in the middle of the night.

The zip is very study and very well sewn in to both pieces of fabric, the top of the zip has a little fabric flap to stop small fingers from finding it and getting stuck in it or fiddling with it instead of sleeping. The pillow case is sewn to the fitted sheet and stops the pillow from sliding around the bed.

The duvet cover can be completely unzipped so that you can easily put the duvet into it and make the bed, it also has two poppers on the top corners to attach to the duvet available separately and reviewed below , this stops the duvet from bunching up in the cover and allows you to make the bed even easier.

Once the duvet is in the cover, you simply zip it on to the sheet and the bed is ready for your little monkey. I have used this on my youngest sons bed Edward , he has a small single bottom bunk bed cm x 80cm and loves to kick his covers off instead of going to sleep. The zips on the sides give enough room for a little one to climb into bed and pull the covers up without the need to undo them, although it is easy enough if you feel you need to. So even if your child has a slightly smaller than standard single bed, this will still fit beautifully and give you the exact same features, you just tuck the sides of the fitted sheet around the mattress slightly further.

Edward loves sleeping under the duvet, he is a massive cover kicker and fidgeter and normally fights with his duvet for a good while before finally falling asleep. The first night in his big boy covers and he fell asleep within 10 minutes, no kicking, rolling or turning degrees, just a peaceful happy sleep.

This set is absolutely fantastic, the price may seem a little high, however you cannot deny the quality and design that Gro offer is superb, they think of every little detail and make making a bed so much easier for you and your little one.

I will definitely be buying another for my next baby for when she is old enough. Gro to Bed Duvet Next up is the duvet for the Gro to Bed, so this review will relate to the previous one. As always when you take the duvet out of the box you immediately notice the fantastic quality that you would expect from Gro, the duvet feels soft and light and the stitching is perfect all over. There are two poppers that are perfectly placed to attach the duvet to the Gro to Bed duvet cover, these stop the duvet from sliding down inside the cover and bunching — such a brilliant idea!

The duvet is washable at 60 degrees, always a bonus with a toddler and is also available in a winter weight 8 tog version. It is available for both screw and bayonet fittings. This is another brilliant thing that you had no idea you needed, until you use it and then you wonder why no one has ever thought about it before and how you lived without it.

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  • It is incredibly easy to fit, you just take out the existing bulb, pop this in and twist the bulb into it and you are done. You can then use your existing light switch to either use the Gro Light as a soft night light or as your normal bulb.

    cot bed pillowcase white

    If you want the brighter light you just flick the switch twice and you have the normal light you are used to, nothing to fiddle with and just a handy, easy to use, easy to install, compact and handy piece of kit. You can adjust the night light brightness using the dial, so that you have the level of light you are happy with, there is no power adaptor or wires as it fits straight into the existing fitting and gives light off where you want it, instead of just at the power socket like some night lights.

    Again as you would expect it comes in the same recognisable Gro packaging and you notice the quality immediately. Once I had got it out of the packaging I noticed how big it actually is, the maximum chid length for this size is 98cm so it will also fit my nearly 4 year old Thomas too! In the same range you can also get a Grobag for children aged from months through to years. Ensuring they are always used to a grobag as bedding makes them feel safe and secure no matter what bed they are sleeping in.

    This Grobag has a very cute unisex panda design on it, with a silky soft tummy and rosey red cheeks, he is a very friendly looking panda. It is lovely and thin and perfect for the warmer summer months, all Grobags come complete with a number of safety features so you know you are putting your baby to sleep soundly. As I have mentioned previously in the Gro to Bed review, Edward is a cover kicker, the Grobag is a simple solution to making sure they cannot kick covers off in the night.

    It makes him sleep much more soundly and comfortably having covers on and a consistent temperature all night. The only problem we have faced is in the morning, he wants to get out of bed and go downstairs with Thomas and the only way to do that is to slither like a big caterpillar or ask Thomas to help him get it off. The Grobag is perfect for a child that is in a cot as they are being taken out by their parents in the morning and therefore there is no need for a caterpillar crawl when getting up.

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  • For a child that has already changed to a bed it is slightly trickier as they like to get themselves out of bed and starting to play or attempting to go downstairs. Although the solution to this is the Gro to Bed set. I took the Amawrap out of the box, it then comes in a lovely matching carry bag, meaning that you can hang it up on a coat hook or keep it nice and compactly in the changing bag ready for use.

    We took it out of the bag and set to having a quick go. I have used lots of wraps and carriers in the past so was quite confident on what I was doing as was my willing assistant Edward. We still used the instructions included in the booklet, the instructions are easy to follow with both pictures and text to and if you prefer a video tutorial there is one available on the website. The wrap itself is beautiful quality, it is lovely and soft and very well made.

    It is not too thick that you will be hot on a warm day and as it is made from cotton it is a very breathable and comfortable fabric.

    gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding Gro to bed jolly jungle cot bedding

    It is also not too thin, so that you know that your baby will be well supported and feel secure the entire time they are being carried. The Amawrap is designed to help you carry your baby close, this provides safety and security to your baby, it is comfortable for both the baby and the wearer and follows the T. S rules for safe baby wearing, there are a number of different carries shown within the booklet from newborn to nursing and the basic carry all following the safety guidelines.

    There is also a handy section in the instructions that gives you some information on the benefits of baby wearing, some safety advice and also the reason why some carries are not recommended. Edward and I are very much in agreement that the Amawrap is a must have for any new parents that are looking for a safe and convenient way to carry their babies, Mums, Dads, Nannys or Grandads the wrap is suitable for all.

    It offers an easy way of being able to carry the baby safely while still having your hands free to do other things or look after other children. It also offers the freedom of walking around without a buggy or pram especially good for narrow shops or outings where taking a pushchair is impractical. Available to buy from Amawrap here. The body suit that I have is a beautiful blossom pink, in months, it has a very cute bird pattern on it very similar to the brand logo.

    The suit itself is very well made, it is beautifully stitched with no pulls or loose threads to be seen. The neckline instead of being a normal envelope style neck has 4 poppers to create a lovely big opening perfect for getting over heads or down over bottoms for a very dirty nappy explosion.

    The bottom has two poppers for fastening over the nappy. The arm, neck and leg holes are nice and wide so there is no digging in from any of the fabric being too tight.

    Both sets were in the single size because the boys are in bunk beds and it all fit perfectly. Give your baby a focus Your child will spend a lot of time lying down, so give them something fun to look at.

    There is also no neck label in the back of the garment so that there is nothing extra there that will irritate delicate newborn skin. The full washing details are on a label inside the body of the body suit so you know exactly how to care for the item to keep it at its best. There are a number of benefits for choosing something made of this material, of course the first one you notice immediately is how soft the body suit is straight out of the packaging.

    It is brilliant for sensitive skin due to the fibres of bamboo being so smooth compared to other fabrics, it is easily washable on a degree wash and dries quickly.

    If you want some more information on bamboo you can find lots on www. These body suits are beautiful and come in a range of designs and colours so that you can choose something that suits the baby that you are buying for. A really beautiful purchase that will last and wear very well. Available to buy from Bambini and Me here. If I could leave a scent on this review for you to smell you would want to immediately bathe in it too, it is not overpowering, just a delicious smell that you want to smell over and over again.

    So we ran upstairs and drew up a bath, we poured some in the bath to see if we could also use it as a bubble bath, which I and the boys are pleased to say we could they love bubbles. They then had a lovely bath and finished off by washing all over hair and body with the amazing smelling soapy liquid before having a quick rinse off. The scent lasts well and even when the boys were dry and dressed for bed you could still smell the lovely aroma in their hair.

    Definitely need to find a lot of excuses for cuddles to keep smelling this one, nothing better than a clean, wonderfully smelling baby cuddle! This wonderful little bottle of delightfully fruity fragrance is also exceptionally kind to skin, it is made with Argan oil and is friendly to sensitive and eczema prone skin. It cleans the messiest of monsters with ease, it is delicate enough for the most sensitive of hair and skin types and smells amazing.

    What more could you want from bath time? Available to buy from Childs Farm here. A lovely little set containing baby body wash, baby moisturiser, baby bedtime bubbles and nappy cream. They come in a cute little gift box that is ideal as a present for new parents so that they have everything together that they will need for a new arrival.

    Or you could buy it for yourself so that you have all the products together for packing in your hospital bag. The bottles are all a good size for travelling of 50ml and the nappy cream 15ml. Again the products are extra sensitive and kind to newborn skin and eczema prone skin too. The baby wash is fragrance free, the baby moisturiser is made with shea and cocoa butter and the bedtime bubbles are fragranced with organic tangerine.

    As with the other Childs Farm products, anything that has a scent, has to be smelt to be believed, the tangerine fragrance in the bedtime bubbles is so fresh and fruity it smells like you have just peeled a tangerine when you run a bath. The fragrance is just beautiful and really carries through the bubbles to leave you with a beautifully clean and wonderful smelly baby. The moisturiser leaves skin feeling smooth and nourished without being heavy or greasy, it has a light scent and is perfect for a quick massage before bed or even to put on during the day on any dry or rough skin.

    My eldest son gets eczema and although he is nearly 4 this moisturiser has really worked wonders on his skin, leaving him with no itchiness and just nice smooth, soft and moisturised skin. This is a beautiful little set and just perfect for a baby shower gift, a gift for new parents or a little set to take to hospital ready for your new arrival which is exactly what I will be doing. You know with the Happy Skin Promise you can see more about this on the products and website that they are gentle and kind enough for even the youngest and most sensitive of skin.

    For this review we borrowed a friend and her baby as my boys are a little old for weaning, although we did all have a taste, mums, baby and the boys. We tried them all in the above order and found them all to be rather tasty, now I have tried baby food before, normally the stuff in jars and it is quite usually bland and tasteless. These pouches on the other hand all have a really good flavour, without being overpowering for little tastebuds.

    The pouches are great for food on the go as they are easy to pack into the changing bag, there is no glass that can be smashed and are easy to use straight from the pouch or heated and then served from a bowl.

    All of the flavours sound and taste delicious, they are brilliant for introducing a wide range of new tastes to your baby without the need for you to do all of the complicated cooking yourself, also being halal they are a nutritional option that is available to all.



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