regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

LinkedIn0 Regalo My Cot is a renowned travel bed brand that provides a great comfort for babies traveling along with their parents. The bed is a flexible and fantastic option for families who want a portable travel bed for preschoolers and toddlers.

Comfortable cots are generally heavier and thus not meant to be carried for long distances. It has a removable mattress that is compatible with crib sheets and comes with its own hand pump and carrying bag.

Unlike some other types of bed, this model is not inflatable but is designed with the high quality materials, which makes it quick and easy to setup. There are many reasons why the product has gained wide recognition among users who have seen the overall benefits of the bed. In this review, we shall focus on the features of the Regalo My Cot Delux bed, pointing out its pros and cons too.

Below are the features of this wonderfully designed product. Features It Is Versatile Regalo My Cot is the perfect travel bed for families who desire a travel bed that is extremely fast to setup.

Because it is strong and portable, most families can easily adapt it to suit the sleeping needs of their babies. It is the right bed for individuals looking for the type of travel bed that can withstand different environments, from a beach to a motel room, while keeping their kids safe and comfortable. Safe for Children Regalo My Cot has all the safety features to keep your baby well and properly secured in its bed.

The product meets all the safety requirements and is designed with durable materials. It does not wobble like some other types of bed, which makes it one of the best options to consider when buying a travel bed.

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This is an added advantage compared to the stress of inflating or deflating an air filled bed. Also, cleaning this travel bed is a breeze. When you are ready to wash, the cover easily slides off while the steel frame and canvas top can also be washed down with water.

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  • This is one problem with some other types of travel systems. Some are very heavy and may be difficult to carry when travelling.

    regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

    But the Regalo My Cot can be lifted and folded with one hand while you do other things or hold your baby with the other hand. It weighs less than 7 lb and comes with a storage bag. Once folded, it is approximately 8 inches thick and 2 feet long.

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  • This product will definitely not give you any stress when packing stuffs for travelling or when taking it into the boot. When searching for a good travel bed, one thing you need to have in mind is the portability features. Fortunately, this product scores very high in that regard.

    Pros and cons Regalo My Cot has its benefits as well as its shortfalls. One benefit customers usually talk about is the safety features. The bed has built in frame and a UV protection feature that protects your child against harsh weather. Secondly, this bed provides a great deal of comfort for your child. If your child is comfortable, it will minimize a lot of stress you would have encountered if he was not comfortable.

    Another positive attribute of this bed is the fact that it is quite durable and can stand the test of time. Regalo My Cot does not come without shortfalls.

    You are a big boy at home but on vacation you are just a baby Talk about sending mixed messages! With that in mind, this cot manufacturer understands the importance of a good night sleep and it is evident in this easy to carry and comfortable portable folding cot.

    One of the most common shortcomings is the fact that the fasteners do not look so great since they do not properly hold the canvas Also, the cot is not suitable for children or babies who need containing.

    Conclusion There are so many travel beds in the market and it may be too daunting to select the most ideal one.

    regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

    Portability, ease of use, durability and safety are some of the features to look for in a great travel Cot. Interestingly, the Regalo My Cot Deluxe reviewed above has all these features as it provides the best comfort for your child both indoors and outdoors.

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