tutti bambini cot bed used Tutti bambini cot bed used
tutti bambini cot bed used Tutti bambini cot bed used

The decision of which cot to buy for our soon-to-be firstborn was one that took us months; we had to consider lots of variables before choosing the right cot for us and our baby — price, size, value for money, style, colour and durability.

I hope writing about our experiences and decision-making process behind the purchase of this cot, along with a an overview of its features, may be helpful to prospective parents or grandparents looking to invest in this cot. Before I tell you about the cot, let me start by telling you what were our priorities when we started looking for a cot. In terms of style, we wanted something simple, elegant, timeless, quite neutral and peaceful-looking. After months of researching, the Katie mini Cot stood out to us, so last month we finally took the plunge and decided to order the it from Mothercare.

Effectively, you're lying next to your baby, but you're not sharing bed coverings. The product has a very high quality, almost luxury feel. Back at home, the fabric lining can be removed and popped in the wash.

It has an integrated drawer for storage, teething rails on both sides and it can be used from birth to approximately 3 years. The exact dimensions are: Height — cm; Length — cm; Width — 67cm; Weight — 37kg.

Being a mini cot, the dimensions are slightly smaller than a standard-sized cot, but not too small that you would immediately notice a huge difference — it suits parents, like us, with a small space for a nursery, and anyone looking for a neat cot. Whilst a regular-sized cot tends to fit children up to the age of 5, a mini cot is only recommended up to 3 years old, but by then, we will probably be rethinking the sleeping arrangements anyway.

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  • The Katie cot bed is available in two different colours — white and espresso. We went for white, as it suits our taste and our home decor a bit more.

    My husband was kind enough to take charge of the job of building it, and with the help of his father, it only took him a couple of hours, at most. His feedback on building the cot was very good — he thought the instructions were clear enough and had no problems at all building the cot with minimal tools, which was great.

    tutti bambini cot bed used Tutti bambini cot bed used

    We are very impressed with the quality and the looks of this cot, and we think it looks even better in real life than it does in pictures. In terms of the service we had from Mothercare, we rate it as excellent!

    The cot arrived within 4 days of ordering it, and we were kept updated on the whereabouts of our cot all the way until delivery.

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  • The courier was kind enough to bring the box into my hallway, which was really helpful, as the box was extremely heavy and there was no way I could have lifted that box all by myself. We also bought a cot mattress from Mothercare to go with it, which came in a separate delivery, but arrived before the cot.

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    What are the important factors for you when choosing a cot or cot bed for your baby? I hope you found this review useful — if you did, make sure to let me know on the comments below.

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